Curtain Material 

One and only one mesh type only.

This is a sunshade type curtain, blocks UV, heat and sunlight. 

You may request for UV reduction test on advance notice after installation.

Can wash, can slide freely and tie back conveniently.

We have been using the same mesh material for more than 11 years thanks to popular and repeated demand.

Customers feed back have been positive on the material's heat and sunlight rejection quality.

100% returned customers sighted heat and sunlight rejection as key satisfaction factors.

Our curtain is a practical sunshade solution as compared to those off-the-shelve decorative drapes.

This mesh material will allow one way viewing. 

That means others cannot peep-in from outside yet you can look-out from inside. 

And yes, you are looking at the same mesh material in all our sample photos. 

Different appearances on pictures are due to different viewing angle and lighting condition. 

We do not encourage usage of opaque or blackout curtain on vehicles. 

We do not carry stock of such blackout material.

Blackout curtain in moving vehicle can cause nausea and dizziness 

especially among children, besides impairing their vision.

Material Colour  

Black and Dark-Blue only. (by default, black is provided if you did not specify)

Black curtain easily matches all cars.


Dark blue

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