Fitting Car Curtain with the convenience of sliding action

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   Jaguar   Forte K3    
Subaru XV   Mitsubishi 
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Estima   Xtrail  

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to 93266028
Subaru Forester 2015
You will get a text quote with next available installation slot
This is web based, sale / showroom / sampling services are not available.

Operating Hour
Install 9am to 4pm daily including weekends and holidays
at Bukit Batok Nature Park carpark for west side or
east side near Kembangan MRT
Door-step installation available with extra charge
Made to order
Made to order only. No ex-stock available
Sewing lead time 24 hours upon ordering. Installation takes 1 to 2 hours

Please note that even our installation processes are customized
therefore it is not D.I.Y friendly
We are not selling D.I.Y pakages local or overseas


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